Easy Publix Deals to get you started couponing!

I know that all (5) of you who are reading this blog are probably pretty new at the couponing game and need some step by step help to "test the waters" so to speak. So here are some easy deals to do at Publix. This assumes that you have no newspaper coupons yet and can print some printables.   These deals end on Wednesday, January 26th. 

Since these rely on printables and most of them you can only print twice per computer you will be picking up the quantities listed below.  IF you can print more or you have newspaper coupons go here to find all the deal match-ups!

To buy list:

Hall's Cough Drops (2)  (More if you find the in-store blinkies)

Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese (as many as you have walgreen's coupons for!)
** newspaper coupons from January 16th if you have them!**

Sundown Vitamin D vitamins (4)

Vlasic Pickles (4)

Yo-Plus yogurt (4)
** newspaper coupons from January 16th if you have them!**

Shedd's Spread Country Crock (2)

Kraft Salad Dressing (2)

Ragu Pasta Sauce (2)

Before you shop:
Print these coupons from Target.com:
Hall's cough drops $.50 off 1 (print 2)
Shedd's Spread Country Crock $.50 off 1 (print 2)
Ragu Pasta Sauce $.50 off (print 1)

Print these from Walgreens.com
or go by Walgreens on your way to Publix and pick up their monthly coupon books.  Grab a few!
Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese $1.00 off 2 (print multiples)
Kraft Salad Dressing $1.00 off 2

Print these also:
Vlasic Pickles $.55 off 1    (print 2)
Vlasic Pickles $1 off 2 (print 2)
Yo-plus $1 off 1 (print 2)
Yo-plus $.50 off 1 (print 2)
Shedd's Spread $.40 off 1 (print 2)
Sundown Vitamins (print 2)

While at the store:
Pick up the Green Advantage Flyer from the front entrance.  You need two of these.  Cut out the $6.00 off 2 Sundown Vitamins.  It's near the back.  Look closely and you'll find them!

Look for some $.55 off 1 Blinkie coupons in front of the hall's cough drops.  Get these to use today.

Pick up 4 bottles of Sundown Vitamin D bottles.  These are the cheapest Sundown item usually costing $2.99 per bottle.  Now if you are a vitamin taker, get whatever you need but if you don't really take vitamins you are getting these because they are free plus overage that will apply to your other items!

While you are in the store look for Blinkie coupons.  There should be some near the Uncle Ben's rice and the Orville Redenbacher Popcorn.  Both of these will be BOGO next week so go ahead and pick up the blinkies now.

Get the rest of your items.  Enjoy your savings!

Free Pasta at Winn-Dixie

Currently Winn-Dixie has Mueller's Pasta on sale for $1.00 per box.  Sign up with Mueller's online and print coupons for $1.00 off any Mueller's Pasta Product.  $1.00 - $1.00 equals free.  Since this is a pdf coupon you should be able to save it to your computer and reprint :)

Free from Jell-o: Football Molds

Go to this site and sign up for your free Jell-o football molds.  These will be delivered before Super Bowl Sunday and a reusable for all your football seasons ahead!  Too cute! 
Thanks to Who Said Nothing In Life is Free!