CVS: $.49 per bottle Xtra Laundry Detergent!

This is confirmed to be available in Starke!  Here's how to get your $.49 per bottle laundry detergent (28 load size).

First, go to Family Dollar. Go to the back of the store where the laundry detergent products are.  You will find a blinkie machine giving out $1.00 of any Xtra laundry product.  Get some coupons!  Leave with a smile!

Next, take your blinkie coupons to CVS.  Get your buggy loaded with Xtra and head to the checkout.  Have them scan your CVS card, ring the detergent, and then hand over your coupons.  Pay $.49 plus tax for each.

My sister and I each bought 4 bottles tonight for a grand total after our Extra Care Bucks (ECB) of $.73 for all of them!  That's $.003 cents per load!  Practically free!


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